Touch to Open werkt niet, of pas na enkele seconden

Quick check

  • Touch to Open only works the first time you arrive home. If you are already home and want to test Touch to Open, you have to open the app on the screen with the ‘open/lock’ button, and keep the screen on. This will temporarily disabled our Geofencing security feature.
  • Ensure you are outside and in front of your door. It does not work when you are inside.
  • Ensure you have Bluetooth, WiFi and Location enabled on your phone (WiFi does not need to be connected – it’s only for determing your location faster)
  • Ensure you have disabled all power management ‘optimization’ settings for the Loqed app.
  • Some older Android phones have issues with Bluetooth. Most phones with Android 8 or higher work well.
  • Some phones are very late in determining your position (based on cell phone towers). These phones usually update as soon as you press the power button to light up the screen. Touch to Open should then activate a second later.
  • Never kill or force close the Loqed app. This means, never ‘swipe away’ the Loqed app from your ‘recent runned apps’ history. If you do so, the Loqed app cannot communicate with the lock anymore. Your phone’s operating system already takes care of power and memory management for you.

Step by step

Please carefully step through the below points. If Touch to Open still does not work as expected, please contact us.

  1. Ensure Bluetooth, WiFi and location are turned on
  2. Verify if you can open/lock the door by using the app. You should not get a warning if you want to remotely open the lock over the internet. If you do get this warning, this means that your phone cannot make a Bluetooth connection to the lock. [TODO: Next steps]
  3. Open the Loqed app on the screen with the ‘open/lock’ button. Turn off Bluetooth. Wait one minute (not less!) and then turn on Bluetooth again while being in front of the door. The app should connect, and ‘Touch to Open’ Should be displayed [TODO: Next steps if this not the case]
  4. [Todo: next steps]