Help us build smart home solutions

Embedded C software engineer with RTOS experience

Loqed develops the first smart lock you really want to have on your door. Truly keyless, secure and lightning fast. Our API will allow delivery companies to deliver parcels and groceries when you are not home and makes sure you get a personalized welcome.

We are looking for an embedded software engineer responsible for designing and building a secure firmware for the Loqed Smart Lock. You’ll work in close collaboration with four other developers to build the best smart lock on the market.

Job Description

  • Designing and developing the firmware of the Loqed Smart Lock and Loqed Bridge.
  • Building reliable communication between smart phone, smart lock, bridge and back-end.
  • Working with custom hardware, Bluetooth Low Energy and security protocols.
  • A lot of room for initiatives contributing to the success of Loqed, both within and outside of your formal job description.

Job Requirements

  • Completed higher education in the field of Informatics, Electronics, Physics, Mathematics or similar.
  • > 2 years of relevant embedded experience.
  • > 1 year living in The Netherlands and plans to stay here for a while longer.
  • > 1 year experience with RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems), preferably the TI development environment.
  • Excellent understanding of C.
  • A scope and logic analyzer are all but new to you.
  • Experience with Bluetooth Low Energy is preferred.
  • Passion and drive to keep up with cutting edge technologies.


  • Grow the company and grow with the company.
  • Working in a startup where no two days are the same.
  • A contract for six months, after which a contract for an indefinite period is offered.

Interested? Please contact Pierre van den Oord ( or +31 (0)6 23497020) and meet up with us!