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How does InstantOpen work?

The Loqed Smart Lock uses InstantOpen technology that ensures maximum security, while letting you enjoy the ease of entering with a touch in a split second. InstantOpen consists of a two-step unlocking system:

  1. Auto unlock: When you are approaching your door (~10 meter), InstantOpen will party unlock your door. The door will stay closed. If you have a handle on the outside of your door, this step is disabled.
  2. Touch to Open: Only when you are right in front of the door (~3 meter), outside (not inside) and touch the Loqed front module, the Loqed Smart Lock will open the door for you.

This unique system is possible because the Loqed Smart Lock has an outside module, which features a secondary antenna.

More secure than ‘auto unlock’ of other smart locks

Conventional smart locks can unwantedly open your door, because they open your door as soon as a Bluetooth phone connects. For example, when you are parking your car, or enter through another door of your house, conventional smart locks will fully unlock and open your door – while you’re not there.

The Loqed Smart Lock always makes sure you are within 3 meters of distance of your door, outside, and you have to touch the Loqed Front module. Only then the Loqed Smart Lock will open your door. That way, the Loqed Smart Lock guarantees your door will stay securely closed until you are right in front of it.

Protection against relay-attacks

Recently was in the news that cars are being stolen bij amplifying the wireless signal of the car key. This made it look like if the key was close to the car, instead of in the house. The Loqed Smart Lock is protected against these ‘relay attacks’. We do this by using geofencing and a timer. See for more information ‘How does InstantOpen work’.