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The Loqed Smart Lock features an emergency power connector on top of the outside module. This allows you to open the door, even when the batteries of the lock have not been replaced in time. Of course, you need to use the app or PIN to open the door.

Simply press a standard 9 volt battery (available in most supermarkets) against the pins on the outside module, and the Loqed Smart Lock will start the software again. This will take about three seconds (PILOT: up to 15 seconds). When the Loqed logo appears on the screen, you can enter your PIN or use your smartphone to open the door via Bluetooth. Make sure to keep pressing the battery firmly against the contacts while the door is opening.

PILOT: In case your door has a very tough lock, it can be that the 9 volt battery does not supply enough power to open the door. In that case, you can attach two 9 volt batteries, such that they provide 18 volts.