Supported doors

Step 1: Verify your lock’s shape

The Loqed Smart Lock supports doors with the Euro Profile lock shape. This shape can be easily recognized by looking for the shape as in the image below on the interior of your door:

Compatible with every Euro Profile door lock

Do you have different type of door lock? Then we highly recommend you to upgrade your door lock to improve your home security against many known methods of forced entry. Our certified lock smiths, or a lock smith of your choosing, can help you with that.

Step 2: verify the distance between the door center screws and the side of the door (backset)

Most doors provide enough space on your door to mount the Loqed Smart Lock. On the interior side of the door, measure the distance from the center of the cylinder to the side of the door. It should be 30 mm or more. If your door opens to the outside, add 2 mm more to ensure the angle can be met.

Backset (doornmaat)

Step 3: verify handle operation

The smart lock supports handle operated doors (a door that you lock by lifting the door handle upward), with only one hardly seen exception: if you need to turn the key, lift the handle upward, turn the key again, and open the door, then the door is not supported. The Loqed Smart Lock only supports rotating the lock once (during that one time, the lock can be rotated multiple times).

Sliding doors that have a special handle on the inside to help slide the door are not supported, as the Loqed Smart Lock replaces the handle, and cannot replace these long handles.

That’s it?

Yes! Just to take away any doubts, the Loqed Smart Lock also works with:

    • Any kind of door thicknesses: up to 110mm (for a symmetric door – measured from the cylinder screw, the door’s thickness can be up to 55mm).
    • Any kind of PC-maat: PC 55, 72, 78, 85, 92, 105, and 110 (in The Netherlands, only PC 55, 72 and 92 are used).
    • Anti plug pulling door hardware covering the exterior side of the cylinder, often found on newly built or recently renovated houses.
    • Multi-point door locks – whether they have three, five or seven bolts.
    • Door locks for elderly, where the lock cylinder is above the handle.
    • Handle operated doors (a door that you lock by lifting the door handle upward). You do have to manually lift the handle upward after closing the door. One rare exception is not supported: if you need to turn the key, lift the handle, and turn the key again, then the door is not supported.

All dimensions

  • Outside module: 51mm * 33mm * 8mm
  • Inside module: 284mm * 60mm * 29mm without knob and handle, 284mm * 60mm * 69mm with knob and handle