How secure is Touch to Open?

How does Touch to Open work?

Only when you are right in front of the door (~3 meter), outside (not inside) and touch the Loqed front module, the Loqed Smart Lock will open the door for you. See for more information ‘How does Touch to Open work‘.

More secure than ‘auto unlock’ of other smart locks

Conventional smart locks can unwantedly open your door, because they open your door as soon as a Bluetooth phone connects. For example, when you are parking your car, or enter through another door of your house, conventional smart locks will fully unlock and open your door – while you’re not there. Conventional smart locks also have only one antenna, making it impossible to know on which side of the door you are.

Protection against relay-attacks

Recently was in the news that cars are being stolen bij amplifying the wireless signal of the car key. This made it look like if the key was close to the car, instead of in the house. The Loqed Smart Lock is protected against these ‘relay attacks’. We do this by using geofencing and a timer. See for more information ‘How does Touch to Open work‘.