How burglar-proof is the Loqed Smart Lock?

SKG 3-Star certified

The Loqed Smart Lock is SKG 3-star certified (the highest security rating of the Dutch lock testing institute). The certification is valid when:

  • Code access is disabled, as this is not compliant with SKG 3-star certification. Of course, the physical strenght of the Loqed Smart Lock is not affected.
  • If your door has a window and the lock is visible, ensure that at least P4A layered glass is used.
  • If you have a wooden door with a window and the lock is visible, ensure to use SKG (V) certified drill / manipulation protection.

A more secure cylinder

Traditional cylinder locks are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks by burglars. The Loqed Smart Lock has solved these issues once and for all: we removed the vulnerable keyhole from the lock completely. To make sure you can always access without a metal backup key or when the lock is out of power, it features code access and an emergency power connector.