Welcome to your keyless home

Securely enter with a touch, while keeping your phone in your pocket

Enjoy every day ease

And stay in the know

Unlocks at a touch

Don’t fumble with keys or apps. Access your home more easily and securely with our patented unlocking system.

Locks as you leave

Just close your door and it automatically locks behind you.

Wherever you are

Lock, unlock and manage access for friends, family and guests with the Loqed app.

Access, whatever happens

Forgetting your keys is a thing of the past. And if you’re not carrying your phone or it ran out of power, you can always enter with your personal code.

Keep your family safe

● Remotely block access for lost phones
● Physical security tested by SKG-IKOB
● Proven 256-bit end-to-end encryption

Keep your family safe

● Remotely block access for lost phones
● Tested physical security
● Proven 256-bit end-to-end encryption

For anyone

The Loqed Smart Lock is the perfect replacement for your old lock in any situation.

Housekeepers & dog walkers

Know when housekeeping arrives & set access times for dog walkers. Auto-lock makes sure the door is always locked.

Perfect for parents

Get notified when your child has come home safely. Simply block access remotely if they lose their phone

Ideal for Airbnb

Never wait for guests again: let them enjoy the flexibility of entering with a temporary code

Small business owners

Easily manage access for employees and remotely open the door for suppliers

Suitable for apartments

The Loqed Smart Lock also opens communal doors – without modifying them. Learn more

Never miss a package again

Let verified postmen deliver your packages under camera supervision, wherever you are

The smartest smart lock

A true replacement for your old lock

Designed for everyday use

Truly keyless

Reliable & secure

All functionality for € 299,-

The Loqed Smart Lock will fit your door perfectly.