Welcome to your keyless home

Securely enter with a touch, while keeping your phone in your pocket


  • Touch to Open
  • 100% Keyless
  • Code access as backup


  • Remotely unlock for guests
  • Smart home integrations
  • Access times for housekeeping


  • Automatically locks (optional)
  • Notifications
  • Hack-proof, tested physical security

The next generation smart door lock

From now on, you simply open your door with a touch. You can keep your Bluetooth phone in your pocket. Easily lock, unlock and manage access for friends, family and guests from anywhere with the Loqed app. Code access and backup power ensure you can enter whatever happens, while inside/outside detection and touch confirmation ensure your door only opens when you want it.

Choose your situation

Smart home

Your smart home starts at your front door


For your busy family life

Small business

Manage access wherever you are


Smarter Airbnb hosting


The 6 most used break-in methods

The 6 most used break-in methods

When it comes to physical security, traditional cylinder locks have a bad reputation. Below we have listed the 6 most commonly used burglary methods that involve the door’s lock. Use it to assess if your current door’s security is up to date! If you combine the Loqed...

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